RATK 2017: The Finish

Today was the final day of the ride! Hard to believe it’s already over!

We had a couple injuries today and some riders were feeling the build-up of the past few days putting strain on their bodies, but it was a joyous finish. Some riders expressed disbelief that they had really made it all the way to Seoul, and we really appreciated the people who came out to cheer the bikers onto the finish! 

 The bikers, support crew, and those who came to cheer us to the finish! The bikers, support crew, and those who came to cheer us to the finish!

Our journey across Korea wasn’t easy. It was full of weather changes, various emotions, limitations, and challenges, but making it through together, giving each other strength, and sharing our hearts with one another was a beautiful experience. 

May the strength and passion we poured into this journey be a sign to those in darkness that they have not been forgotten. And in more practical ways, may this event bring more awareness to the plight of those in Korea who are enslaved and oppressed! (For more information, click here.)

Thank you so much to everyone who prayed, who gave, and who came out to welcome us in Seoul. Your support means so much to us! If you would still like to give, you can do so here

Until next year!

RATK 2017: Day 3 – Mountain Day!

Yesterday we had a successful mountain day! 

The riders biked a total of 145km, already a long day, but the most challenging part of the day came in the morning when they went up a mountain trail of 5 kilometers of steady incline. For some of these bikers, climbing the mountain seemed like a nearly impossible feat, but all the bikers made it to the top!

We were proud of all the bikers, and many of them seemed quite euphoric at their accomplishment. Mountain day was even more than a day of physical accomplishment, however. God spoke to many of us through this act of perseverance. 

One biker shared that as she was leading the way up the mountain, she started thinking about Jesus and the lonely path he took up to the cross. As her leg hurt with each pedal, she thought about the pain he endured. All along the way, she had support team members cheering her on and giving her strength, but Jesus had no one. Another shared that when her husband hung back to bike with her at her pace, she was reminded of the way that God limits Himself to walk with us at our pace, the way a father chooses to walk at the pace of his toddler. I personally was moved by the bikers’ perseverance. Seeing them push themselves to their limit, I was inspired to continue to fight for hope in areas that seem impossible.

The sun was shining and the road smooth, and many bikers said they had opportunities to share about the cause with people they encountered on the path. They said many were curious about their jerseys and more receptive than they expected. One man even had advice of his own about how the sex industry could be dismantled in Korea.

Sometimes fighting against sex trafficking can seem like an impossible task in Korea, because certain mindsets are so ingrained in the culture. But as one biker shared during our evening gathering, though we may not always be able to convince people to change their mindsets in the moment, us taking this stand and declaring something different––the worth and value of all people––is powerful. Each little part of awareness we bring and every small stand we take is a small step to changing the culture of this land.

RATK 2017: Day 2

On Day 2 we saw a lot of sunshine and a lot of answers to prayer!

In the evening we had a chance to share as a group, and one rider shared that he wanted to give up and go home the first part of the day because his knees were hurting so badly. At lunchtime, however, he received prayer and his knee was fine afterwards! Another biker shared how the team’s prayers gave him the strength and fortitude he needed to make it through the last round of hills in the afternoon.

 Team Justice
Team Justice

The first night, John-Michael shared about the power of family, and one of the beautiful parts of this trip is seeing strangers become family as we take care of each other on the bike teams and amongst the support crew.

Yesterday was the longest day for the bikers, distance-wise. They covered 153 km! There were a couple flat tires and one pretty badly scraped knee, but all the riders were able to finish out the day strong on the their bikes! I personally was inspired seeing how eager many of the injured bikers were to return to the trail and their teams. 

The support crew has also been working hard, preparing amazing meals and giving the riders energy through our cheers and smiles. 🙂

Today is mountain day! The bikers will be biking approximately 145km, including a morning mountain climb of over 5km of constant incline. Pray for strength and joy over the riders as they push through! Pictures to come!

RATK 2017: The Start

Yesterday we successfully completed the first day of the 6th Ride Against Traffic Korea! The 27 bikers set out from Busan at 7:30am after all 45 of us (bikers plus support crew) joined together for a time of prayer for Korea and the ride. Our aim in doing this ride is to raise awareness about the issue of sex trafficking and prostitution in Korea, to raise money to combat sex trafficking, and to ride and pray together as an act of spiritual warfare, declaring God’s goodness and power over this land.

John-Michael encouraged us all to ask God for His heart for Korea as we biked and served throughout the day. As we joined hands in a large circle to pray, I felt awakened. God’s heart burns for this country, to see all who are oppressed freed, to see the broken healed, to find all those who are lost. He loves this land, and I could feel His pleasure over our humble gathering.

 Group shot before the bikers took off!
Group shot before the bikers took off!

The day was cloudy and rainy, so the bikers had to navigate some dangerous patches in the trail, but while there were a few spills and some minor injuries, we stayed strong in mind and heart!