Who We Are

We are lovers of Christ.
We are lovers of justice.
We are lovers of the Church.
We are an abolitionist movement.

What We Do

Since 2012, we have sought to challenge and encourage individuals and churches to love and pursue justice, specifically through commitments to engage in the fight against human trafficking and in the care for orphans in Korea. 


  1. Raise awareness.
  2. Raise individuals.
  3. Rouse the church.


We envision churches across Korea united, standing together as a beacon in Christ’s love through justice and hope. We cycle across Korea spreading seeds of prayers that the culture in this land would change. To no longer allow the sex trade to be the acceptable dark side of business and leisure. To see orphans as beloved, and adoption as the glory of God. We long to see every woman free and every orphan in a family.

Who We Support

We have raised a little over $100,000 (100 million KRW) for awesome organizations who are doing amazing work as they champion love and justice. Each participant has the opportunity to create his/her own profile and raise funds from his/her own community on our fundraising platform.

100% of these funds go to the organizations, making a direct impact to the good works they are doing.