What began as anger over injustice and a simple question, "What can I do to make a difference?" has grown to a call to the Church to rise up and put love to action through justice.


ride against traffick 2012

A ragtag group rode set off on a five-day bike ride from Seoul to Busan in the monsoon rain of August. But God knew better than us, for when He granted our prayer for sunlight, the heat quickly beat us down until the rain returned. We were blown away by the generous outpouring and were able to give approximately $12,000 (12million KRW) to Oak Tree Project and the building of House of Hope.


ride against traffick 2013

The second year, still uncertain, but hopeful--from Seoul to Busan in 3.5 days. The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) gave us generous financial support to help with the logistics of the trip. We had the additional blessing of Ellie Moncada photographing and blogging for us this year.  http://rideagainsttraffick.blogspot.kr/

At the top of one of the most painful climbs of the trip.

At the top of one of the most painful climbs of the trip.


ara lock bike festival 2013

We partnered with the Korea Tourism Organization to host a huge bike festival at the Ara Lock, bringing over 600 participants and helping raise approximately $35,000 (35million KRW) for the year.

ara lock2-01.jpg

Ride Against Traffick 2014

The year we turned the ride around and cycled from Busan to Seoul, had a huge group of 60+ (cyclists and support crew), and where the mission and vision became clear: more than anything else, we needed to raise up people with God's heart for justice. Approximately $23,000 was raised through the Ride 2014.


Rat race 2014

We partnered with Oak Tree Project for a spin-off event: the Run Against Traffick, AKA the Rat Race 2014. About 275 people joined the race and $22,000 was raised on behalf of Oak Tree Project. This event has since evolved into the Oak Tree Run.

This video captures both the 2014 race and also a meeting with the Oak Tree Project students that happened later that day after the run. The students of Oak Tree Project were all greatly stirred that so many would gather and run on their behalf.


Ride Against Traffick 2015

We continued to dream, riding to rally churches and Christians to rise up for justice. 


Ride against traffick 2016

September 14-17, 2016


Ride against traffick 2017

October 6-9, 2017