RATK 2017: The Start

Yesterday we successfully completed the first day of the 6th Ride Against Traffic Korea! The 27 bikers set out from Busan at 7:30am after all 45 of us (bikers plus support crew) joined together for a time of prayer for Korea and the ride. Our aim in doing this ride is to raise awareness about the issue of sex trafficking and prostitution in Korea, to raise money to combat sex trafficking, and to ride and pray together as an act of spiritual warfare, declaring God’s goodness and power over this land.

prayer circle

John-Michael encouraged us all to ask God for His heart for Korea as we biked and served throughout the day. As we joined hands in a large circle to pray, I felt awakened. God’s heart burns for this country, to see all who are oppressed freed, to see the broken healed, to find all those who are lost. He loves this land, and I could feel His pleasure over our humble gathering.

Group shot before the bikers took off!

Group shot before the bikers took off!

The day was cloudy and rainy, so the bikers had to navigate some dangerous patches in the trail, but while there were a few spills and some minor injuries, we stayed strong in mind and heart!